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One of our certified technicians will inspect your home for free and then recommend a customized treatment plan.

  • Convenient scheduling
  • Technicians are trained & certified
  • No cost obligation

24 Hour Response | Saturdays & Evenings Available

Our top exterminating services use highly effective methods to target key areas in the interior and exterior of your home.

Ideal for:

  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders   
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • And more

Treatment methods include:

  • Report card on insect activity in your home.
  • Hot spot treatment around entry points such as door and window frames.
  • Dual bait system to reduce adult pests and larvae before they come in.
  • Powder application to eliminate pest hiding places.
  • Botanical aerosol to eliminate pests in closets.

What to Know

How much does it cost?
Truly Nolen's trained professionals know that no two homes are the same. Our experts have been trained to "think like a bug" in order to best understand and eliminate your pest problem. Your Truly Nolen specialist will inspect your home first and provide you a customized and individualized assessment and treatment plan.

Does that cover all types of pests?
A free inspection is required for termite, bee, bed bug and rodent pricing. Our Four Seasons Preferred service includes general pests and more challenging infestations such as German roaches, scorpions, fleas, ticks, carpenter ants, argentine ants, Caribbean crazy ants, and mice.  

Are treatments safe for children and pets?
In an effort to maintain effective control of pests in and around your home Truly Nolen applies materials to areas where pests live, breed and eat. You can take comfort in knowing that the materials we use, although effective, are on the low end of the toxicity scale. It would be a requirement for people and pets to avoid contact with treated surfaces until dry. Once the treated areas are dry you may feel free to continue life as usual.

What happens during an inspection? 
One of our trained professionals will come to your house and assess it for pest problems. If you’d like, the inspector will walk around with you and explain any pest activity found along with recommended treatment. The inspection is a free service and does not require you to move forward with treatment.      

Is an inspection required?
For termite, bed bug, bee and rodent treatments, an inspection is required first. This is so that we can send a trained professional to your house to provide you an accurate pricing estimate. You don’t need an inspection for general pest control services. You can get an appointment right away by calling  (800) 468-7859

If I need a service that requires an inspection, how soon afterward can the treatment be done? 
In most cases we offer same-day appointments. If we’re not able to, we’ll schedule the soonest possible time that works with your schedule.

Customer Reviews

Google Review, Bob H.

January 20, 2018

Excellent, on-time and thorough professional service provided... Have been Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control customers for over 10 years. Would highly recommend all of their services.

I am very happy with Truly Nolen. After years of just managing the pests that got into my house with a monthly spraying inside, Truly Nolen has actually kept them out of my house. I must say I was skeptical that coming only four times a year after the initial complete visit would work. But it has! The first visit included going in my attic, placing pesticides behind every receptacle, full treatment inside and outside. I'm shocked, but very happy! I also can't say enough wonderful things about my technician. He is knowledgable, professional, and an absolute joy to be around. He goes above and beyond. I recently moved my lawn service to Truly Nolan after years with different companies that didn't deliver. I'm sure I'll get the same great results.

January 31, 2018

Google Review, Pamela B.

Our technician is amazing! He always goes above and beyond...let’s not forget about the local office. WOW! They treat you like family and are always concerned about your needs.

January 29, 2018

Google Review, Rafael M.




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Google Review, Nilza K.

January 29, 2018

We have had the same person treating our house monthly, and he is knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and on time. We don’t have now any pests, and if occasionally something shows up, we can call Truly Nolen and the problem is taken care of efficiently and right away. We are very happy with the service!


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Truly Nolen Mouse Car

$50 OFF

(800) 468-7859



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